El Lago Titikaka

This is from the 2-day tour we did on the world's highest lake- Titikaka. Visiting a coupple of the floating islands, staying one night at Isla Amantani and visiting beautiful Isla Taquile the next day.

 Early in the morning, waiting for the boat to fill up.

 Visiting the floating islands

 Inside the house of one of the six families on the island.

 The Peruvian and the Aymara flag.
The mayor of the floating island who took us over to another floating island.
 Some people got a bit tired and took a nap on the way to Amantani island.
 Inside the room we stayed in on Amantani island.
 Tea: Coca leafs and Muña... very tasty!
 Quinoa soup to start with.
 The mom of the house preparing the rest of the lunch.
 Making crafts, one of the main income on the islands.
On our way to the main square.

 Men and women spending the afternoon hanging out in the plaza.
 At the top of the island, by the Pacha Mama (I think...) temple.
 The temple to the left and the view from the top.
 Three locals dressed in traditional clothes, ready to dance at the local disco.
 Martine on the boat on the way to Taquile island.
 Beautiful view on Taquile island.
 The gate to the plaza.
 Inside the craft-market on Taquile. The people of Taquile are known for their fine craftwork.
 Women making crafts.
 The women weave while the men knit.
 Grandma spinning yarn.
 The waiter that served us lunch
 Enjoying the food and the view at "Vista Alegre" (Joyful View).
 Martine enjoying the trout from Titikaka.
The greatest view I've ever had eating lunch.

 How about a knitted lama or perhaps a spiderman-fingerdoll?
 One of the locals from Taquile knitting on the boatride back to Puno.
 Ellen getting some fresh Titikaka-air before we arrive in Puno.
Cows grassing in the lake.