We met this lady with her alpakka on the way from Puno to Cusco.
 Look at that!! I'd like to have one of those in my garden if I had one...!
 The lovely Martine on the way to some Inka-ruins.
 Girl with alpakka in Cusco.
 -Take my picture with the alpakka! :)
 The night we got locked out of the place we stayed at in Cusco because of a bad copy of the key.
 Blue doors in Cusco.

 One of the narrow streets in Cusco.
 I had to sneak in a beedle-picture...
 Pancake-breakfast at Jack's...(more like whipped cream with pancakes...)
 My simple pankakes with maple-syrup
 Yummy breakfast and a morning-face.
 The cat of the house where we stayed... very cuddly...
 Plaza de Armas, Cusco.
 Another church at the plaza.
 Rainy skies at plaza de Armas.
 The clown-beedle.

My Pirate-friend returning from the market with two bags full of movies and sitcoms...
 Inca ruins by the Sacred valley.
 -Can you see the Inka-face in the mountain?
 Scenary on the trainride from Ollaytantambo to Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu.
 Yummy snack and coffee on the train (we had seets at the very front of this panoram-train... :) ).
Entering the jungle.