Spontanious living

Thursday night, I got back to the house around midnight, it had been snowing, and everything was covered in white, and it made those nice squeaky noices as I was walking in the white prettyness. I made a snowangel outside the entrance, where the other Silje that I live with was waiting for me (she didn't have her key).
After we had eaten, we decided to go out and slide in the snow, so we both got dressed, this was around 12.30 am, brought big, black trashbags with us and went out into the white, in search of a good slide-hill.. we found one, in a park not so far from our house, put on our trashbags and went sliding :) It was alot of fun!
I love being out in the middle of the night, when most people are inside asleap- it feels like the world is all yours ;) This made me remember how important it is to me to do spontanious childish things like that. I don't want to "grow up" and just live a precictable, routine, boring life (I'm sure it's not boring to some people, but to me it would not be satisfying). Little silly things like this is what makes me feel like I'm alive, and not just excisting.

So, to myself, and to whoever reads this- don't forget to live, and do those fun, spontanious little things that to some people might seem very silly :)

(I'm very glad we went when we did, because the next day it rained, and now what was all white and beautiful has turened to ice, and the world is very slippery...)