Long time, no post...

I haven't been very blogging-active lately, but just to let u all know I'm still alive and kickin' :) Celebrating Christmas in Kristiansand with my family these days. Today has been a penguin-day for me, went to the movies with my brother and watched "Happy Feet", and tonight I watched "March of the penguins" at home, with my mom and dad, so alot of penguins today :)

I hope you are all doing well wherever you are, and that your Christmas has been good so far.

Since I always find it more interresting when there's a photo involved, I'll give you one: This is me and a beautiful 6 year-old girl, called Unam, she hangs out at our place in Oslo every now and then. This was in the beginning of december, I think.

Happy New Year!