Poetic Patagonia

Today I've been watching you tube videos on editing photos. Seeing how other photographers edit can sometimes help you see your own work in a fresh way and give you new ideas and insight in the editing process. You don't want to edit the photos too much and make them look very unnatural and exaggerated, but editing a little and finding your style can help to bring out a certain mood in your photos.

I learned a few new tricks, and played around a bit on some photos that I took some years ago, when I lived in Argentina. It's a good idea to go over old photos every now and then, since we our vision changes as we grow and learn, and we may notice photos that we didn't really think that much of when we first shot them. Here are some photos from the wild and beautiful El Calafate with it's glaciers, mountains gauchos (cowboys) and wildlife. Hopefully I'll be able to go back some day! :)