Øksendal & Haughom, easter 2011

 Boilig yellow Easter-eggs by the river.
 My brother

 View from the stonefence that separates my family's place from the neighbours
 View of the Øksendal-lake
 The beach
 View of Øksendal from the beach, with the lake in the middle and surrounded by mountains.
 The entrance to my folks house here (where my grandpa used to live)
Spring is arriving...
 The river/waterfall that runs from the Øksendal-lake to Sirdalsvannet (the Sirdal-lake/fjord).

 A barn in Haughom
 My dad
 Posing for my dad in front of a tree
 An old, abandoned house in Haughom

 Haughom by the Sirdal-lake/fjord.
 My lovely parents

The coo-coo clock that belonged to my grandpa.