Homemade yoghurt and other good things...

I know I haven't blogged much about cooking here before, but it's one of my favorite things in life :) And these past days something's come over me and I've been a bit cooking-crazy... Yesterday I made homemade yoghurt for the first time, and it was very easy actually, and turned out very tasty if I must say so myself (maybe not as thick as I would like, but it said in my recipe that the best thing was to use fresh milk straight from the cow.... since I don't have a cow, and don't live close to a farm where I could sneak inn at the dark hours of night, I had to go with the stuff you get in the store... so it's not super thick but still very tasty...).

And this morning (maybe closer to mid-day for some...) I thought to myself that this delicious homemade yoghurt deserved some good granola... not just the sad-looking stuff that I had in the cupboard, so as we're speaking the homemade granola is in the ovn, ready in a few minutes... It's a first for making granola as well, so I can't say much about the finnished product except that it looks and smells mmmmm..... :)

Homemade yoghurt:

Heat up milk (I used 1%, or Lettmelk, in Norwegian, use Wholemilk if you want) until just before it boils (don't let it boil... then your yoghurt will taste like porridge or something... unless you're of the adventurous kind that prefer porridge-flavoured yoghurt... ;) ). Cool the milk.
Add 1 dl Cream pr. litre milk and heat up to 35-37 degrees (Celcius).
Add 1 dl. yoghurt (plain) pr. litre milk, mix it and poor it into jars with loose lids (or cover with plastic wrap). Put the jars in a cooler and poor water that's about 40 degrees (Celcius) up allmost to the top of the jars. (Put the jars in plastic bags/zip lock bags if your cooler is leaking (like mine was...) and poor the water into the plastic bags...)
Leave in the closed cooler for about 12 hours, then ready! Store it in you frige and eat it with granola & honey/ your favorite jam or fruit or whatever you prefer!