Technical problems...

Sorry for the lack of updates recently... I wanted to post more pictures here, but since I left my memorystick in a computer in bit of a scetchy internet-place somje weeks ago (and didn't notice until 4 days later), I don't have a way to blogg them, untill I buy a new memorystick. So just be patient, and I'll try to blogg soon!

Otherways I'm doing good. We are in a different city now, called Trujillo, and it's quieter, cleaner and prettier than the last one. I'm enjoying it, and the place we're staying is very pretty, with a big garden with a really beautiful climbingtree in the middle. And last night we discovered that our neighbour in the room across from mine is a big turtle... (about half a meter tall and wide. He looks like one of Galapagosislandturtleguys. I'll try to post a picture of him later) :)

Need to leave this internet cafe now... hunger and the music is about to drive me crazy.

Nos vemos