It's a shame... terrible I am at posting pictures when I travel.... I allways start out with much enthusiasm.... and then I run into technical problems, losing my memorystick, laziness and really slow computers (when I get on one).... anyways- sorry :( I will try to be better and post some more pictures on here.

As I'm writing this I am no longer in Peru, but in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I left Lima yesterday, and woke up this morning in the cute house of my friends (which I have all to myself for 2 days :) ) to the sound of alot of rain spashing down outside. It's been a relaxing day with my friend Maricruz, who met me at the airport and hung out untill she had to leave with the bus to the south of Argentina.

the walkpath to the house after the rains last night (actually the night before last night since I wasn't able to post this one yesterday ;) ).