I'm oficially a full time caffeine-addict

So, what's new... a few things, I've moved to Oslo (the capital, for those of you that should wonder), I live in a cool part of town, where white norwegians are a minority. If I had some pictures, I'd post them here to show you, but that'll have to wait.

Johnny Cash is trying to get me to get rhythm, and he's pretty good at it.

Back to what's new in my life.... -I got a job! After going through fire and wather to get this job (abunch of phonecalls to track the boss down, then 2 interviews, and two "auditions", that's right.... ) I finally got it last friday. I got a little distracted again, this time by a chubby little sparrow on the balcony. What kind of job, you say? It's a full time job in a cafè/ espressobar, called Evita, they take coffee really serious, so I will learn to be a real barrista :) Which I'm excited about, get professional training.... learn alot about coffee and tea. So if you live in Oslo, or you're visiting or something- stop by for a cup of coffee :)

I think I'll call it a day.